PASTEL PASSION® is not at all gites or bed and breakfast

Pierre Risch, the creator of the brand name PASSION PASTEL® and PASTEL PASSION®

No, PASSION PASTEL® and PASTEL PASSION® is not at all gites or bed and breakfast, but it is a registred trademark, owned and nourished by Pierre Risch, distinguished French pastelist and watercolorist.

Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, professional painter since 1968, engraver, lithographer, and sculptor, he devotes his whole life to art, and gives back his nobility to the art of Pastel, fallen in disuse during a long time.

PASTEL PASSION® is not at all gites or bed and breakfast

Full of an unconditional commitment for this technique, this extraordinary artist hasn’t given himself the task to developpe gites or bed and breakfast, Please no confusion. Here, it is talk about love of art and a determination to offer to art lovers and artists a new vision of the art of pastel.

Pierre Risch has put all his know-how and masterity at the service of pastel and then created his signature, his own cultural and professionnel label PASTEL PASSION® and PASSION PASTEL®, his registred trademark . True reflection of his art, PASSION PASTEL® and PASTEL PASSION® is gifted with an international fame. It is absolutely not to confuse with some gites, or bed and breakfast that you can find on internet! It is also to note that Pierre Risch is living exclusively of his art.

With his brand name PASTEL PASSION® and PASSION PASTEL®, Pierre Risch has organised numerous exhibitions and retrospective of his art, often didactic devoted to Pastel.

Pierre Risch is present in the most prestigious collections of art collectors, in France and abroad.

So it would be incorrect to make the mistake to confuse PASTEL PASSION® –  PASSION PASTEL® created and owned by the Artist Pierre Risch, Master pastellist, with some gites or bed and breakfast!